There are numerous groups around the world that have a burden for Islam.  These groups are poorly funded and resourced and have no central body or fellowship that provides any coordination or contact.

We have many churches in or near Muslim communities, as well as Muslim families living in our neighborhoods. The issue is that we have no desire to share the Gospel with the Muslims because we feel inadequate or afraid to do so.  This has been expressed to us at many of the churches where we have had the privilege to speak.  Most of these churches only need to be made aware of this need and given the training and opportunity to develop a burden for these souls.  Majority of the churches and Christians in Christendom do not have the tools or the training to effectively witness to our Muslim neighbors.

Therefore, the question remains, “What do we do with the Muslim next door?”



Local Church

  • One day seminar
  • Two day seminar and/or workshop
  • Sunday Islam Awareness and Training



Ministry Opportunities

  •  One and two week Evangelism Training
  •  Internships
  •  Church Planting
  •  Discipleship



Strategic Training

  • Middle East
  • Far East
  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Africa